Really. Memorable. Quotes.

A few of the very unforgettable tokens of thought people have relayed to me then and now that I just hold on to forever (verbatim) . . .

  • Have you considered electroshock therapy?  Best friend (sincerely)
  •  Aunt Morgan, why can’t you get a job?  4-year-old nephew
  • Oh, Morgan, why do you hate men? . . . Then why don’t you date?  Mom 
  •  How come you don’t wear contact lenses instead of glasses? Dad, always
  •  I had always secretly hoped that your father would have paired up with the neighbor’s daughter instead.  But I guess it wasn’t meant to be; she turned out to be a lesbian, anyway.  Grandmother, in confidence
  • For the daughter of a Jewish doctor, you don’t act at all like a Jewish American Princess.  Friend from college
  •  Why are you applying to ______?  Isn’t that a top tier school?  Other best friend, when I was applying to graduate school
  •  You mean you still have your assistantship at the campus art museum?  MA advisor, 3 weeks into the semester (surprised)
  •  Did you sew those jeans yourself?  I haven’t seen anyone wear something like that since the 70s. Guy in the elevator (snickering)
  •  Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Janis Joplin? Cousin (when I was in high school)
  •  Are you okay?  You look . . . confused.  Pharmacist at CVS (leery, while I was picking up my antidepressants)
  •  No, I don’t think it would have mattered if you’d had more exposure when you were younger; your anxiety disorder is so severe that it wouldn’t have made a difference if you had been socialized as a child.  Former therapist
  •  You know, I’ve had trouble sleeping these past couple of nights because I’ve been thinking about you and worried.  I have a feeling tonight’s going to be the worst yet.  Rapid cycling bipolar guy at DBSA

2 thoughts on “Really. Memorable. Quotes.

  1. I’ve gotten the “Why don’t you want children yet? Your job isn’t going to hug you when you’re old.” and the “Why don’t you have more friends? People will think you’re aloof.” from my mother. 😛

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