Passages From Morgan’s Gmail Inbox

This is not spam.  It’s what your email looks like when you are friends with people who are friends with people who are almost as far-flung-freakish as you are, and when the only romantic interest you receive comes from married men and Humberts.

(No, I didn’t make this up.)

. . .

September 19th


You do not know or understand me at all. So let me introduce my life and the cockamamie plan i have for the next stint of my life.   
I should finish with [name of country redacted] by Jan next year and then i go to Asia. Do not have a fuckin’ clue what i will do next. The random images my mind conjures are build a house on a piece of land i bought and grow some shit and have fun. Then maybe June leave for europe and travel the festivals in summer there meandering along. Maybe also sell some clothes from India. Live a bit like a hippie, having time and fun and random adventures. That is as far as i have got though would also love to maybe sometime go and work on a tiger reserve. Held this baby tiger in my arms on my last trip and they are so damn cute. So maybe at some point Africa and animals or maybe i want to salsa so go to Latin America and teach english or something. Have friends in many places as well. So basically all i am seeking is adventure.
That is what i was talking about. Frankly, let me tell you what i was propositioning. I am seeking a partner in crime, to do this mad adventure and in my utmost stupidity thought it is a great idea that the partner should be from the opposite sex. Surprising things come up when one is with someone of an opposite gender. Hence, basically i figured someone in my age bracket, though i do not have any objection is generally at an age where all they think about is security n crap like that. i have gone from being broke to having money to being broke in various cycles in my life and security is not what i seek, but adventure, the unknown. So, then that leaves the younger lasses. Now, when someone my age talks to a younger lass, she generally assumes it is like about my discovering lost manhood or some such crap. What most folks fail to realise is that though sex is great fun basically having an adventure as life is even more awesome. Hence my predicament. It is more likely i will get a companion on a wild adventure if it is from within folks i know. What they are, who they are, how they look, are they crazy, matters little. After all adventure is the goal. What comes along with that will be figured out as it comes along. I am not too rich, but never starve and live quite ok actually. Am not seeking a secure existence for my next phase. 
I am asking you, if you are in the mood for an adventure. That is all. If you wrote your thoughts to me we might have some real communication and this could go one way or another. Either we adventure together or we do not. Simple, really.
[name redacted]
      . . .
October 9th
I am now in the stage of moving from [name of country redacted] and i was looking at your photos and something struck me. What i truly feel about you is the fact that i do like you. You make me feel warm somehow despite your reticence  I like the life you have lived and the kind of person you are and have been and i find that person downright attractive. Well, what i am asking sort of is, would you consider getting to know someone who is older than you? I am not a letch. I am not that stupid or felt deprived in my life that i would feel such things over such vast distances for mere bodily pleasures. What i feel for you is rather very warm and soft. When i see your photograph, i see a warm smiling girl. A girl who is very loving but also very shy and withdrawn. It will take someone real special to bring her out, For her to trust. I see an impish quality where once she is friends she would be an amazing companion. Someone one can talk with on deeper issues of life. I see that girl. I do not see the blemishes your eyes witness, for i see someone else. The person you are. I like that person. I am in effect asking, whether you would in your wildest dreams consider getting to know a person older than you. I feel i can understand you. And you are interesting. The physical is not i think the prime in a life. Do let me know, what you thought.
I shall, perhaps stupidly, like the dumb older man i am, wait eagerly for your answer.

[name redacted]

. . .

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