About Me

Morgan Ross is my pen name.  I’m a very-late-20s, listless trust fund baby-turned-recession bum who has been cloistered my entire life, and itinerant for several years, ever since I ran off to graduate school as an excuse to move out of my parents’ house.  Because I’m half-crazy, and because the current market is completely crazy, I can’t get a job.  The Agoraphobic Anthropologist is the culmination of my lifetime of misery, and a result of the ongoing insistence of my friends and family that if I’m going to be a listless and overeducated recession bum, then I might as well blog about it.

If you find my writing or my blog to be confusing or otherwise disconcerting, you can find my disclaimer here in one of my earlier posts.

*EDIT:  Since starting this blog I have now turned THIRTY…But everything else above has remained the same.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your writing is FAR from Mediocre. I stumbled upon your blog because I had a nightmare about a snake. A pink snake. I read your nightmare. Then I got to the paragraph about your writers block. I too am a writer- suffering from writers block. Your description nailed it… knocked it way out of the park. I printed it and put it in my journal- my no strings attached, hidden journal of random thought. Thank you. You are very funny and a gifted wordsmith!

    • I guess you figured by now that I’ve dropped out of the blog loop once again. I didn’t even realize I had logged in until I apparently visited a wordpress-based website and noticed my dashboard at the top. Too bad it took me 4 months to notice your complimentary comment. It’s words like yours that make me inspired to get back to writing more regularly again.

      What’s funny is the reason you found my blog on the first place: dreams about pink snakes appear to be the main reason people visit my blog (when they do visit). When I look at the stats, the search terms linked to visitor traffic almost ALWAYS have to do with dreams about pink snakes (and *pink* snakes specifically). People from literally all over the world google about their dreams of pink snakes. I had actually considered researching that odd motif and its representation in cultural imagery through history and posting a little essay about it on this blog–but apparently never considered the idea too seriously, as I never ended up doing that. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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